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Cecilia Segar
Ever enthusiastic about theatre, Cecilia has studied widely on the subject. She recently graduated in July 2010 from Newcastle University with a degree in Philosophy, where she produced highly credited dissertations on philosophy and ‘the stage’.  Her sixth form education spent at Hurtwood House expanded her love for acting and directing, where she took part in various productions.   She is now living back in London, where she grew up, and has recently worked with Intermission Youth Theatre as assistant director for Darren Raymond on Verona Road.

Hoda Bentaher
Martha the Housekeeper
Hoda always enjoyed drama at school and appeared in ‘The Beggars Opera’ and ‘The Crucible’. Hoda played Cassie (Cassius) in IYT’s production ‘Wasted’ and through this was offered professional representation with Diamond Management. Now a professional actress, Hoda played the lead in ‘Sixteen’ and has played a featured part in BBC’s TV programme ‘Casualty’. Hoda gave an electrifying performance as Tibs (Tybalt) in IYT’s recent production ‘Verona Road’.

Eddie Thompson
Peter the Verger
Eddie has appeared in both IYT’s productions. In ’Wasted’ he played a bullied and troubled young person who spoke little. Eddie gave such a charismatic performance that audiences were transfixed by his characterization and focus. As Mercutio in ‘Verona Road’ Eddie was able to show us the full rein of his talent with an exuberant and well crafted performance which delighted the audience.

Elisabeth Tooms
Lighting Design and Stage Management
Elisabeth has always loved creating theatre. When she was a student at Oxford University, she spent as much time involved in theatrical productions as studying. She directed various fringe productions, touring in the UK and overseas. She worked for 20 years for a City of London law firm and returned to theatre work four years ago. She is a founder member and is one of three secretaries of Renewal Arts, an international, multidisciplinary network of artists committed to encouraging spiritual renewal through the transformative power of the arts. Stage management and light design work includes: Lynchpin Productions; ‘Emily Dickinson and I’, ‘Cloning Mary Shelley’, Intermission Actors; ‘Cracking the Whip’, ‘The Visit’, ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’, ‘Prison Wings’, ‘Five Gold Rings’, ‘12.30am’, ‘Wasted’ and ‘Verona Road’.

Janine Gillion
Production Manager
As Production Manager I have been with Intermission since its conception in 2002. As Rob’s wife I have travelled the journey of this show from the moment Adrian gave Rob the story as a gift to his ministry and the transformation into a play began. It is a story he could perform for ever as its message of God’s love for us is told in such a poignant, dramatic, gentle, humorous and beautiful way. I have had the privilege of seeing this show many times and I always look forward to each performance, as I know that it will always move me.

Darren Raymond
Artistic Director of Intermission Theatre
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Intermission Theatre and this evening’s performance of “The Christmas Visit”.

The play is based on the short story written by the internationally popular writer and speaker Adrian Plass. It is an extremely powerful piece of theatre and a story I believe we often need reminding of.

Sometimes we can lose sight of why we are here and what our purpose is in life, since his last “Visit” some 2000 years ago a lot has changed in our world but one thing has remained ever constant….Jesus, Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. He has not and will never forsake us, he is the reason we are here and we must follow him and glorify his name.

In this funny, poignant and touching one-man show the Rev. Rob Gillion reminds us “God is Love and those who live in Love, Live in God and God Lives in Them” (1 John 4:16)

Tonight’s performance is in aid of St. Saviour’s Church, Intermission Youth Theatre and Children in Need.

From the team here at Intermission Theatre we hope you enjoy the show and we wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Adrian Plass
Adrian is an internationally popular writer and speaker in many countries, who wrote the short story on which this play is based.